Travel Vlog: Showering naked at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland!

It’s me! Matt Stone. Join me as I travel to the land of fire and ice for my honeymoon.

It’s our fifth and last day in Iceland. We travel to the famous Blue Lagoon, an open air spa created from the silica rich water run off from the Geothermal power plant that sits next door. Dianne discovers that showering naked in front of strangers isn’t as bad as the internet makes out, and we get face masks made from the silica and algae that occurs naturally on the lava field.

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The locations were various places in Southern Iceland.

The first track is Sweet by Jeff Kaale

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The second track is Melon by David Cutter

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Filmed with an Canon G1x Mk II, Gorillapod Hybrid, Apple iPhone 6s (in a waterproof bag) and DJI Mavic Pro

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