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Day Trip: Disneyland Resort Paris

C’est moi! Matt Stone. It’s been almost 7 months since I uploaded my last vlog to YouTube but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working hard to create more videos in that time. This video was filmed in March when we decided to do a day trip to Disneyland Paris and combined with staying two nights at one of our favourite hotel chains (see my other video here for a room review: https://matt-stone.co.uk/citizenm-hotel-room-review-london-paris-eurostar-trip/). We spent 12 hours at Disneyland Resort Paris catching the TGV from our hotel at Charles de Gaulle airport which is only 10 minutes from Disneyland Paris.

We visited Walt Disney Studios for an hour in the morning but I didn’t really film much in that park, then we moved on to Disneyland Park and did a full tour along with some of our favourite rides. Apologies if the ride footage is a but shaky, it’s the first time I’ve used my Canon G1x on a ride!

We were even lucky enough to ride Star Tours: The Adventure Continues before it had even opened! They had a soft opening for a few hours with Disney management greeting guests as they entered the ride, thanks to Brian Saxon (Twitter: @BrianKSaxon) for tweeting us to let us know it had opened as we had already been to that part of the park and would have otherwise missed out.

2:45 – It’s a Small World
4:48 – See me do an awful impression of a pirate!
6:41 – Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse Walkthrough
9:16 – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
10:46 – Phantom Manor
11:41 – Star Tours: The Adventure Continues (Queue and Shop)

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The location was Disneyland Paris Resort.

The music is Glocken by David Cutter.

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Filmed with an Canon G1x Mk II and a Gorillapod Hybrid

The desk of Disney Fan

The life and times of a Disney fan…

I love Disney… there isn’t really much more to add here, I could end this blog right now and it would explain a large portion of my personality.

Like a lot of children I grew up watching Disney movies and was lucky enough for my family to make a visit to Walt Disney World in Florida in the spring of 1992. We visited all of the main Disney parks including Magic Kingdom, Epcot Centre, and MGM Studios (now known as Walt Disney Studios), we also visited Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Seaworld (if the 7 year old me had seen Blackfish I’m sure I wouldn’t have visited), and a few other Florida landmarks that escape me.

My first experience of the Disney theme parks happened when I was 7 years old so no doubt is now seen through rose-tinted glasses but I’m confident that when I do make a return to Florida my experience will be just as magical, and will be the start of an annual pilgrimage for someone who finds everything Disney to be something magical.

Although it’s been 23 years since that epic holiday, I’ve filled the gap by visiting Disneyland Resort Paris on multiple occasions, in fact next month for our wedding anniversary myself and my gorgeous wife Dianne (see her blog at http://www.dianne-stone.co.uk if she ever gets round to posting to it!) will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary at Disneyland Paris staying at Sequoia Lodge which in the lead up to Christmas is probably one of the best hotels to stay at with its mountain lodge theme.

This will be my 10th time at Disneyland Paris, and next year we are planning to visit Walt Disney World, we also want to make a visit to Disneyland, Anaheim (earlier in this blog you’ll see we drove Route 66 but for reasons which now allude me we didn’t visit the original Disney park and opted for the Warner Brothers Studio Tour instead!).

This upcoming trip to Disney comes at a time when Disneyland Paris is going through a transformation after being brought under tighter control by the Disney Corporation and is currently undergoing a massive refurbishment programme to update the rides for their 25th anniversary. I’m particularly excited about this as I often point out to my wife on our visits the lack of maintenance in this park that doesn’t ‘adhere’ to the Disney standards I become accustomed to in Florida in the early 90’s.