DJI Phantom FC40 1.1km (0.7 miles) range

This is a combined video of two tests using the DJI Phantom FC40 with the aim of getting the maximum possible range with minimal modification to the standard equipment. The first test was made using the stock controller and camera with the only addition being an un-modified wireless repeater.

The second test was made after modifying the controller with a RM-SPA connector and attaching a 5.8GHz circular polarised antenna. We also changed the antenna’s on our repeater to larger 8dbi antenna’s. The Phantom itself and the FC40 camera remain un-modified.

Extra equipment used:
1 x Tenda W3002R Wireless N Router/Repeater (…)
1 x MiniUPS (…)
2 x TP-Link TL-ANT2408C 2.4GHz Antenna (…)
2 x Mini PCI to RP-SMA Pigtail Antenna (…)
1 x Neewer 5.8GHz Circular Polarised Antenna Set (…)

The Tenda W3002R is a very powerful little router, and at just over £20 it’s an absolute bargain, I’ve used them in many situations where a more powerful WiFi signal was needed and can’t recommend them enough. The Mini UPS powers the repeater for about 10 hours so is ideal for this application.

I was quite surprised by the performance of the Neewer 5.8GHz circular antenna (I only used the TX version on the transmitter and have yet to modify the Phantom), as these appear to be a cheap version of the similar FatShark antennas.

In my next video I plan will show the equipment used and the setup prior to flight as we attempt to safely beat this record.

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